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SOT Therapy

Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT)

SOT is a treatment for Lyme, co-infections, and viruses like EBV, HSV, CMV, Varicella and more. This breakthrough therapy utilizes short DNA or RNA segments to block the expression of critical segments of genes needed for Lyme, co-infections, or viruses to survive and replicate.


Essentially SOT creates a shutoff “key” that precisely fits a chosen “lock” portion of a pathogen. The “lock” is a specific section of RNA that normally controls an important function of the pathogen. The “key” binds to the “lock” and blocks the function thus eliminating the pathogen. Afterward, the SOT compound is released and travels to the next target, thus fighting the infection 24/7 for 3 to 6 months. 

The figure shows an example of a pathogen such as the Lyme bacteria. Inside the cell nucleus (yellow), bacterial DNA is used to transcribe messenger RNA (mRNA). The mRNA is sent out of the nucleus into the main part of the cell, the cytoplasm. It is there that mRNA is used to join amino acids together into essential proteins for a variety of activities, including reproduction. SOT works by creating a short segment of complementary RNA in the lab that binds to specific mRNA segments to prevent the organism from making these essential proteins, essentially shutting off  replication. Unable to replicate, the organism is unable to cause disease.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    No, we do not accept insurance. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover functional medicine because it is considered an alternative treatment, which is typically excluded from traditional health plans. Additionally, in many cases, functional medicine practices do not conform to the standard billing codes that are required to submit reimbursement claims. As a result, insurers often refuse to cover these treatments and procedures. We accept Care Credit, all major credit cards, cash payment, and HSA.
  • What is the typical cost for treatments?
    Our plans will vary by each individual person, so we can't determine a price range. Give us a call and we will style a plan to tailor your needs. Of course, you will know and fully understand the cost of integrative medicine, functional medicine, and other specialty treatments before you begin any of our treatment programs.
  • What is the recovery time for your procedures?
    Almost all of our procedures are non-invasive and do not require any recovery time at all. Some procedures will have minor cosmetic changes as your body gets accustomed to being healthy. If you are concerned about scheduling a treatment around an event, we offer free consultations for new and existing patients to determine the correct course of treatment and customized health plans.
  • What is a Functional Medicine clinic? Why is Functional Medicine different from other practices?
    We are a functional medicine clinic, with the goal of helping men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can live their lives to the fullest. We specialize in addressing full spectrum health conditions including: aging, weight gain, hormone imbalance, chronic viral illness, immune system regeneration, autoimmune conditions, sexual health and vitality, and many more. Read more about our staff at About Us.
  • What services do you offer at your functional medicine clinic?
    We offer comprehensive functional medicine programs, weight loss programs, mental health and IV therapies to assist the body’s healing process for various types of chronic illness. Our programs are uniquely tailored to each patient and include ongoing education, meal planning, supplementation and coaching in order to maximize results.
  • How can functional medicine help me achieve my health goals?
    Conventional Medicine assigns symptoms to disease names and often treats them with prescription medications. Functional medicine takes a more holistic approach to health by addressing issues at the root cause. Determining the cause of our patients’ symptoms enables lifestyle changes that will serve to prevent further suffering, helping you to achieve your long-term health goals in the process.
  • How are your weight loss programs different from other popular protocols?
    We don’t advocate fad diets or harmful weight loss pills. They may provide short-term results, but they can wreak havoc in the long run. Instead, we utilize PNOE metabolic testing and InBody BIA to tailor a unique weight loss approach that’s specific to your body type and includes customized meal and fitness planning, supplementation and coaching.
  • What are some recommendations to help me practice a healthy lifestyle?
    Our approach is personalized, with every recommendation based on detailed testing. Before adjusting your nutrition or supplementation plans, we aim to understand your body’s unique needs. We collaborate with you to establish beneficial morning and evening routines, provide guidance on nutrition, cultivate daily physical activity, and help manage stress. Our goal is to work in harmony with your body’s specific requirements for optimal health.
  • What are the treatments used in functional medicine?
    The details of each plan are patient-specific, but they will likely address gut health optimization, diet modifications, hormone balance, stress management, movement and exercise, toxic burden reduction, detoxification support, mitochondria support, and comprehensive lab testing.
  • How long does it take to see results from functional medicine?
    While many of our patients begin to feel significant improvements within a few weeks of implementing their health plan, long-term improvements and habit changes may require more patience. You can’t rush the body to boost its capacity for healing. There are no shortcuts and no magic supplements. It has likely taken years, if not decades, for your current health and chronic issues to develop. Please prepare to invest a few months in our process to reverse those effects. Our most successful clients are committed, resourceful, and coachable, enabling them to make long-term diet and lifestyle changes. Keep in mind that the return on this investment is HUGE!
  • Do you offer virtual / telehealth appointments?
    Yes, we do.
  • How do I get started?
    The best way to get to know us is by scheduling a free discovery call with our physician
  • How successful is SOT for treating Lyme Disease?
    The top 2 practitioners in the US report a 96% success rate for Lyme Disease (Borrelia burgdorferi). RGCC says this as well, but has not published supporting data. For other organisms, SOTs are too new to know for sure. A patient's response to SOT depends on a variety of factors, including number of organisms involved and how long the infection(s) have been present. Your best source of unbiased, real-world experience and outcomes with SOT is the Facebook SOT Group.
  • What lab tests do I need for an SOT?
    Any positive test for Lyme or co-infections done within 6 months of ordering the SOT is valid. This is ESSENTIAL and RGCC makes no exceptions. The reasoning is that the SOT they make for you is for your specific strain of Lyme (or other organisms). It is NOT a generic "anti-Lyme therapy", but a Lyme Disease treatment designed specifically for you. Without being able to find Lyme (or other infections) in your blood, RGCC would be unable to make the correct SOT for you. For your convenience, we offer Vibrant Labs and Biocentaur Labs testing. See FAQ below for details.
  • Do you offer SOT for cancer?
    Virtue of Health is a Functional Medicine and Integrative Primary Care clinic, and we only provide SOT for infections like Lyme Disease and co-infections. SOT may be a useful adjunct for cancer treatment, and you should contact your oncologist about that option for your condition. We DO NOT provide SOT for cancer and do not have a list of clinics that do. To find one that does, you can reach out to RGCC at or do a web search for "SOT for cancer".
  • Can I have the blood drawn by someone else? Do I have to come to your clinic?
    The blood for PrimeSPOT, PaldiSPOT, and ALL SOTs must be drawn at our clinic and cannot be done at an outside lab. We cannot ship a specimen kit to you. This is an RGCC requirement, and the RGCC strictly enforces this. However, blood for Vibrant testing can be drawn locally and does not require a trip to our clinic.
  • Do I have to stop my other Lyme treatments?
    Before blood draws for testing or SOTs, you should stop all Lyme treatments (especially antibiotics) for 1 week. For your SOT infusion, you only need to stop treatments the day of your infusion and can resume the following day. They will not interfere with the SOT.
  • Which labs do you offer? How much to they cost? Do I have to come in to have them drawn?
    We offer testing through Vibrant Labs and through BioCentaur, a sister company of RGCC. Vibrant Labs - Organisms listed here. We can order and mail the lab kit to you so you do not have to come to our clinic. This requires an online or phone consultation with the doctor during which he determines which tests you need and answers any questions you have. The cost of this is $75 per 15-minutes rounded up to the nearest 15-minute block. Tickborne Complete 1.0 ($480 includes Lyme + TBRF + Coinfections 1) Tickborne Complete 2.0 ($900 includes 1.0 plus Coinfections 2 and Opportunistic Infections) Biocentaur Labs - For these labs you must come to our clinic to have the blood drawn. We cannot ship the kits to you. PrimeSPOT - Screens for viruses (HSV, EBV, CMV, HPV, HTLV, HBV, HCV, HIV) and the presence of Lyme Disease-associated species (Borrelia and Babesia NOT Bartonella). When Lyme is detected, it does not give you the exact species but an SOT can be made to match it regardless. Cost ~$1350 PaldiSPOT - Screens for the presence of 23 of the most common strains of Borrelia, Babesia and Bartonella genospecies. Cost ~$1100 (20% discount if ordered with PrimeSPOT).
  • Which organisms does PaldiSPOT test for?
    Our Lyme Disease tests, including the PaldiSPOT test, will search for the following strains: Borrelia burgdorferi · Borrelia afzelii · Borrelia garinii · Borrelia mayonii · Borrelia lusitaniae · Borrelia valaisiana · Borrelia kurtenbachii · Borrelia lanei · Borrelia californiensis · Borrelia bissettiae · Borrelia bavariensis · Borrelia turcica · Borrelia spielmanii · Borrelia carolinensis · Borrelia americana · Borrelia sinica · Borrelia yangtzensis · Borrelia hermsii · Bartonella henselae · Bartonella bacciliformis · Bartonella vinsonii · Babesia microti · Babesia duncnani
  • Are my test results enough to order an SOT?
    If you are unsure, just email us your test results to us with a description of what SOTs you are looking to order. We will review your results and let you know if they are sufficient.
  • Which organisms can you order an SOT for?
    Virtue of Health will order a test for the following strains: Borrelia: B. burgdorferi, B. mayonii, B. garinii, B. bissettii, B. bavariensis, B. miyamotoi, B. valaisiana, B. afzelii, B. finlandensis, B. recurrentis, B. genomospecies, B. hermsii, B. lusitaniae, B. sinica, B. kurtenbachii, B. californiensis, B. turcica, B. turicatae, Candidatus B. tachyglossi, Bartonella: B. henselae, B. bacilliformis, B. vinsonii, B. quintana, B. elizabethae Babesia: B. microti, B. bigemina, B. divergens, B. duncani, B. bovis Other Tick-borne Illnesses: Anaplasma phacocytophilum, Rickettsia rickettsii, Ehrlichia chaffeensis Viruses: HHV1/HSV1 (Human Simplex Virus-Oral-Facial), HHV2/HSV2 (Human Simplex Virus-Genital), HHV6 A & B (Human Herpes Virus 6), CMV (Cytomegalovirus), Coxsackie Type A & B, VZV (Varicella-Zoster "shingles"), EBV (Epstein Barr), HPV 6/11/16/18 (Human papillomavirus), HBV (Hepatitis B), HCV (Hepatitis C), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), HTLV1— (Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus)
  • How long does it take to get an SOT?
    SOT test results are typically available 4 to 6 weeks after the blood is drawn.
  • Can I get more than one SOT at a time?
    Yes! You can order several SOTs from one blood draw, but a patient can only be infused with one SOT at a time. We generally recommend at least one to two weeks between infusions to avoid overlapping Herx reactions.
  • How long after SOT before I feel better?
    Personal recovery and noticeable improvement times vary from person to person. Most people start to notice improvements around the 6-month mark. Some patients notice positive results sooner than that.
  • What is "herxing"?
    A Jarisch–Herxheimer "Herx" reaction is a reaction to endotoxin-like products released by the death of harmful microorganisms within the body during antibiotic treatment. Effective antibiotic therapy results in lysis (destruction) of bacterial cell membranes and release of bacterial toxins into the bloodstream, resulting in a systemic inflammatory response. This usually manifests within 1–3 hours after the first dose of antibiotics. Symptoms may include fever, chills, rigor, hypotension, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, vasodilation with flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), exacerbation of skin lesions, and anxiety. The intensity of the reaction indicates the severity of inflammation. Reactions are usually self-limiting.
  • How many SOTs are required to treat Lyme Disease, EBV or other infections?
    Most Lyme and co-infections (Borrelia, Babesia and Bartonella) are effectively treated with a single SOT for each organism. Viruses, such as EBV, often take two or three SOTs spaced 4-6 months apart. To determine your best course of treatment, call us today.
  • What if I have more questions?
    For straight-forward questions, you can email or call us at 352-325-5755. For more complex questions, you can schedule an online or phone consultation with the doctor for $75 per 15-minutes rounded up to the nearest 15-minute block.

Additional Information

This video explains SOT in visual detail. Though it describes SOT for cancer therapy rather than treatment of infections, the techniques are essentially the same. This Facebook group, S.O.T. for Lyme, EBV & Co-infections (supportive oligonucleotide therapy), is a great resource for additional information. Another good source is The Genesis Center's Lyme Page. ​ Years of clinical experience from around the world are showing that long term suppression of treated viruses or Lyme is likely (but not guaranteed) and that symptoms associated with these diseases are usually greatly diminished or eliminated. ​ SOT is not a drug in the traditional sense. It is not an antibiotic nor is it gene therapy. It does not change the genetic structure. There is no gene splicing, gene insertion, or manipulation. SOT therapy is a stealth technology with molecules so small that they are able to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system or RNA degrading enzymes for months, allowing them to quietly circulate through the body, attaching to their viral or bacterial targets.

SOT Protocol

To make a diagnosis of infection and/or to most accurately gauge response between SOT treatments, we recommend using either 1) Vibrant Labs or 2) PrimeSPOT or PaldiSPOT through RGCCs affiliate lab, Biocentaur. We offer both of these at our clinic. However, any confirmed infection through a recognized US lab within 6 months prior to ordering an SOT is sufficient to start therapy. ​ The patient’s blood is drawn to obtain circulating Lyme bacteria or viruses. The blood is sent to RGCC laboratory in Greece. RGCC lab identifies the main genetic sequence of the target replication genes for the organism, then creates a complementary oligonucleotide (short nucleic acid) sequence to block replication. Four to six weeks after the initial blood draw in our clinic, RGCC ships the SOT to the our clinic where it is infused intravenously over about an hour. Intravenous antihistamines and low dose steroids are given immediately prior to SOT administration in order to lessen the already rare chance of an allergic reaction and tighten the vein walls to minimize leaking of the SOT. The main side-effects of SOT treatment are detox or "Herx" reactions, such as fatigue, body aches, and headache. Patients who have gone through treatment will often say “your symptoms get worse before they get better.” The SOT may be repeated up to 3x per year if needed. With each round of SOT it is recommended to retest for the presence of pathogens. At some point the infection may be completely eradicated or remain stable in a quiet remission.

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